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If you would like to book Marky and Friends for your event please contact us well in advance. Dates fill up fast!

*We have the most experience and expertise in the State.

*We are the finest and fastest.

*We put a lot of time into advanced studies of our art and it shows in our product.

*Our face and body artists use only the finest top quality special effects make up.

*All our make -ups are state of the art  non allergenic, water based that come off easily with soap and water.

*Our artists take classes
and attend and teach  at face and body art conventions and study the latest DVD‘s.

*We have won  to many awards for our artwork to list ,Weve also been featured in  many Face and Body art magazines!

*Marky d Clown our Clown /balloon artist has done 7 tours of Asia and knows over 200 different sculptures.

*Our artists can paint fast cheek designs for large parties to keep lines moving to full faces or even bodies for more of a show effect.

*Our most popular package is to send a Clown/Balloon artist and face and body artist to a event .

To get a cost estimate for your event send an email to and include:

  • client
  • event
  • date of event/day of week
  • time of performance
  • location of performance
  • clown/balloon artist or Face and body artist  or Both

We will respond usually the same day. And thank you for visiting our website, we hope you have been entertained.

Due to circumstances beyond our control Marky and Friends will no longer be accepting Cows, Pigs, Moose or other livestock, nor shares in authentic Alaskan Gold Mines as remuneration for services. We hope you understand and are not terribly inconvenienced by this policy.